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Interface Channels

Channel configuration. A data series' name or a list of the data series' names can be used as a short-hand - instead of the channel object - to set data series for the channel. Setting a channel to null will remove all data series from it.




Parameters for the markers' base color. The markers' actual color can also be affected by the lightness channel.

Parameters for the content of the labels that appear on the markers.

lightness?: Channel | SeriesList

Parameters for markers' lightness.

Splits the markers as all the other channels, but have no effect on the markers' appearance. Thus, it only works with dimensions.

Parameters for the markers' size. Effective only for circle and line geometry affecting the circle area or the line width respectively.

Parameters for the X-axis, determining the position of the markers on the x-axis - or their angle when using polar coordinates. Note: leaving x and y channels empty will result in a chart "without coordinates" like a Treemap or a Bubble Chart.

Parameters for the Y-axis, determining the position of the markers on the y-axis - or their radius when using polar coordinates) .

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