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Interface Series

Defines a data series of the data set, and contains a particular variable's values in the data set and meta info about the variable.




name: string

Name of the data series. It will be the unique id of the series to reference it in various parts of the API, mainly in Channel and Data.Record. This name will also be used by default for Axis and Legend title.

type?: "dimension" | "measure"

Type of the data series:

  • 'dimension' - categorical data containing strings (dates should also be added as strings);
  • 'measure' - continuous data containing numbers. If not set, the library will attempt to determine the type based on the type of the first value. Number type will result in measure, string type will result in dimension.
unit?: string

Unit of the data series

values: Values

The array that contains the values of the data series. The value types should match Data.SeriesMetaInfo.type. If the data series is shorter than the longest data series defined, it will be internally extended with empty values.

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