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Interface Options

If no animation settings are passed to Vizzu, it will use an automatic setting depending on the actual configuration of the chart. This behavior can be overridden via the animation setting parameter.

The animation between two states of the chart can require the transitioning of several different chart properties. These properties are grouped into separately configurable animation groups.

The parameters can also be set for the animation as a whole. These settings rescale the durations and delays of the animation groups to the specified total delay and duration.




color?: GroupOptions

Marker color animation group.

coordSystem?: GroupOptions

Coordinate system transformations animation group.

delay?: Duration

Waiting time interval before the animation starts.

duration?: Duration

The length of time an animation should take to complete.

easing?: Easing

Sets the easing used for the animation.

geometry?: GroupOptions

Marker geometry morph animation group.

Animation group for markers fading out (due to filtering or added/removed data series).

legend?: GroupOptions

Legend animation parameters.

playState?: "paused" | "running"

Determines if the animation should start automatically after the animate() call.

position: number

The starting position of the animation.

Animation group for new markers fading in (due to filtering or added/removed data series).

style?: GroupOptions

Animation group for style parameters.

title?: GroupOptions

Title animation parameters.

tooltip?: GroupOptions

Animation group for tooltip transitions.

Animation group for marker transitions in the direction of the x-axis.

Animation group for marker transitions in the direction of the y-axis.

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