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Namespace Styles


Type aliases

Angle: `${number}rad` | `${number}grad` | `${number}deg` | `${number}turn` | number

Angle can be set in radians, degrees, gradians and turns. Radians is the default unit.

Color: `#${string}` | `rgb(${number},${number},${number})` | `rgba(${number},${number},${number},${number})`

The following CSS color formats are available: rgb(), rgba(), #RRGGBB, #RRGGBBAA, #RGB.

ColorGradient: ColorStop | `${ColorStop},${ColorStop}` | `${ColorStop},${ColorStop},${ColorStop}` | `${ColorStop},${ColorStop},${ColorStop},${ColorStop}` | `${ColorStop},${ColorStop},${ColorStop},${ColorStop},${ColorStop}` | string

Color gradient is specified by a comma separated list of ColorStops. This is used when a measure is on the color channel.

ColorPalette: Color | `${Color} ${Color}` | `${Color} ${Color} ${Color}` | `${Color} ${Color} ${Color} ${Color}` | `${Color} ${Color} ${Color} ${Color} ${Color}` | string

Color palette is a list of colors separated by spaces. This is used when only dimensions are on the color channel

ColorStop: `${Color} ${number}`

Color and position pairs separated by spaces, where position is a number between 0 and 1.

ColorTransform: `color(${Color})` | `lightness(${number})` | `grayscale(${number})` | `opacity(${number})` | "none"

The following CSS like filters can be used to alter the color:

  • color: overrides the color.
  • lightness: lightens or darkens the color; 0 means the original color, -1 means black, 1 means white.
  • grayscale: desaturates the color. 0 means the original color, 1 means fully desaturated.

none: no change.

Label: Padding & Font & Text
Length: `${number}px` | `${number}%` | `${number}em` | number

Length can be set in pixels or in percentage of the element or the element's font size. Pixel is the default unit.

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