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Interface Chart




backgroundColor?: Color

The background color of the element.

borderColor?: Color

The border color of the element.

borderWidth?: number

The border width of the element.

fontFamily?: string

The family of the font. If not set, it inherits the root style font family.

fontSize?: Length

The size of the font. Percentage values are relative to the root style font size

fontStyle?: "normal" | "italic" | "oblique"

The style of the font.

fontWeight?: number | "normal" | "bold"

The weight of the font, numbers use the same scale as CSS.

legend?: Legend

Style settings for the legend.

logo?: Logo

Style settings of the Vizzu logo.

paddingBottom?: Length

Bottom padding of the element.

paddingLeft?: Length

Left padding of the element.

paddingRight?: Length

Right padding of the element.

paddingTop?: Length

Top padding of the element.

plot?: Plot

Style settings for the plot area.

title?: Label

Style settings for the main chart title.

tooltip?: Tooltip

Style settings for the tooltip.

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