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Interface MarkerLabel




angle?: Angle

Additional rotation of the label.

backgroundColor?: Color

The background color of the displayed text.

color?: Color

The color of the displayed text.

Defines the transformation used for calculating the label color from the marker color.

fontFamily?: string

The family of the font. If not set, it inherits the root style font family.

fontSize?: Length

The size of the font. Percentage values are relative to the root style font size

fontStyle?: "normal" | "italic" | "oblique"

The style of the font.

fontWeight?: number | "normal" | "bold"

The weight of the font, numbers use the same scale as CSS.

format?: "measureFirst" | "dimensionsFirst"

Sets the order of values on the label if both a measure and a dimension are present.

maxFractionDigits?: number

The maximum number of digits in fraction part if the text contains a number.

numberFormat?: "none" | "grouped" | "prefixed"

The format of the number. Only applicable for texts showing numerical data such as marker and axis labels. 'grouped' uses thousand separators, 'prefixed' uses scientific notation.

orientation?: "horizontal" | "vertical" | "normal" | "tangential"

Orientation of the label relatively to the axis or marker it is attached to.

paddingBottom?: Length

Bottom padding of the element.

paddingLeft?: Length

Left padding of the element.

paddingRight?: Length

Right padding of the element.

paddingTop?: Length

Top padding of the element.

position?: "center" | "left" | "right" | "top" | "bottom"

The label position relatively to the marker.

textAlign?: "center" | "left" | "right"

The alignment of the displayed text.

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