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Class Vizzu

Class representing a single chart in Vizzu.


  • Vizzu



  • Creates a new chart and connects it to the div or canvas HTML element specified by its ID or DOM object. The new chart is empty by default, but can be set to an initial state in the second optional parameter.


    Returns Vizzu


config: Readonly<Config.Chart>

Property for read-only access to chart parameter object.

data: Readonly<Metainfo>

Property for read-only access to data metainfo object.

initializing: Promise<Vizzu>

Promise representing the initialization will resolve when initialization is finished. Any API call will potentially cause an error before this promise is resolved.

style: Readonly<Styles.Chart>

Property for read-only access to style object.



  • Initiates the animation to the new chart state passed as the first argument. If there is a currently running animation, all subsequent calls will schedule the corresponding animation after the end of the previous one.

    The new chart state can be a full state specifier object with data, config and style, or a single chart config object. It accepts also a chart snapshot acquired from a previous state using the store() method.

    The optional second parameter specifies the animation options. This second option can be a scalar value, setting the overall animation duration. Passing explicit null as second parameter will result in no animation.

    The animation will be initiated in the next cycle of the JS event loop. The method returns a promise, which will resolve when the animation is finished.


    Returns Control

  • feature(name: Feature, enabled: boolean): void
  • off(eventName: Type, handler: (event: Object) => void): void
  • on(eventName: Type, handler: (event: Object) => void): void
  • store(): number
  • Returns a reference to the actual chart state for further reuse. This reference includes the chart config, style parameters and the data filter but does not include the actual data and the animation options.

    Returns number

  • version(): string

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